Tuesday, November 14, 2006

HPV Vaccine....What I think about it:

Let me first preface this blog by saying that I am NOT a licensed physician....yet. I can NOT prescribe drugs and I do NOT deal with real patients...yet.

But, I have learned a bit about the HPV vaccine and I have talked to a lot of licensed physicians to get their opinion. So far, everyone is VERY excited about the benefits.

HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) is a virus that can potentially cause cervical cancer. There are hundreds of strains of this virus, most of which are pretty benign and cause no substantial problem. However, there are a few strains (specifically 16 and 18) which are the ones that are known to lead to cervical cancer.

The scary thing about this virus is that almost EVERY sexually active female has been exposed to it. Because there are hundreds of strains, these females have probably been exposed to the less problematic ones...but there is a chance they have been exposed to the bad strain.

The way the vaccine works is that it looks like HPV but isn't really the virus. The body's response to this HPV look-alike is to form antibodies...the soldiers which fight against the enemy. Now, when this vaccinated female gets exposed to the real HPV (the good strains AND the bad) the body already has a host of soldiers to protect against the virus.

The good thing is this: You don't have to wait until you are sexually active to get the vaccine. This vaccine is being offered to females at age 12. If you have a daughter, why would you NOT protect her? It doesn't mean you are advocating her having sex....I am DEFINITELY not advocating for that. But, why risk the exposure? Why risk her getting cervical cancer later in life???

And my final thought is this: I think the media is advocating ONLY for females to get this vaccine. But how are they being exposed??? By the boys! Why would we not vaccinate the boys too??? If we are able to stop the virus not only in the females but ALSO the males, I think we can completely knock out cervical cancer!!!

PLEASE...talk to your doctor about HPV...no matter what age you are!!!


Hamps said...

Just signed up to get it.

Anonymous said...

Cool!! - love Team K

Anonymous said...

I just heard on Montel (which is where we all should get our medical advice) that HPV can be gotten through "deep kissing" also. And one of the doctors on the show seemed to concur. They also agreed with you, that boys should also receive the vaccine.
So, parents can tell their children that, rather than they think they are going to get it through sexual contact.