Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Med School Update

I've kept you all updated on my rotations.....but it has been a while since I updated you on what is going on at school and in my life.

First off, I have battled my procrastination problems!!! Well, almost. But, I don't have a test the rest of the what better time to update my blog than now? Usually, I update this the night before a test.

Secondly, my tests have been going GREAT lately. I'm pleased to say that I have forged my way into the "above average" category with my scores. It may be due to the fact that I have actually put some effort into studying lately....or the fact that I am doing more "quality" studying....but it also helps that over half of my class is already going psycho with board studying and neglecting regular studying. Whatever....I'm ABOVE AVERAGE!!! Hahaha...

We just finished Reproduction and have just started Renal. Did you know that breast feeding requires higher caloric intake than pregnancy itself? I just found that so interesting..... Renal? Not so fun so far.... The physicians have been throwing out terms that we have never heard of....and it is REALLY confusing. I'm working my way through it....first test is on Tuesday....I'm hoping to keep the ABOVE AVERAGE streak alive!

I also just had my SPAL (Standardized Patient Assessment Lab) on Monday...and that went really well. I'm pretty sure I diagnosed the patient correctly....and when I gave the oral presentation to the attending physician, she told me that I was "the first student she was able to ask questions to because she knew I understood what I was doing." Wow! What a compliment!!! I really had her fooled!!! (Nah...I actually DID know what I was doing this time!)

Everything else is going awesome! I have Neonate lab one week from today and I am really excited about that. I've also got a TON of lunch lectures coming up in ER club. (Did I ever mention that I am the Secretary of ER club??? Again....ABOVE AVERAGE! YESSSSSSSS!!!)

In other news: I spent the weekend of February 9 down in St. Louis with my boyfriend, Brandon. We stayed with my Aunt and Uncle's family and had an AWESOME time!! They took such good care of us! The above picture is from the top of the Arch....what a view! It was a really fun trip and I hope the two of us can meet there again!

I hope this blog finds everyone happy and healthy! Have a GREAT rest of the week!!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dr. Brooke, DO, OB/Gyn


My OB/Gyn request for August was accepted and added to my schedule!!!

I am SO EXCITED to be working with this doctor at Iowa Methodist Medical Center!!!

I'm still looking to find a Psychiatrist (not for me....for my rotation) if any of you know one, please let me know! (And I'll keep it a secret.....psycho!)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

I've Got Hook-Ups!

Official update on the rotation for August:

I thought of the GREATEST idea! I know an OB doc in town....who has told me in the past that he usually doesn't have students come through because they are so busy.....but he would make the exception for me!!!

And if you recall from a past blog, OB was one of the options we had....but one that all the clinical coordinators didn't think we could get. HAHAHA! They were WRONG!

I called his office on Thursday and left a message with the front desk for him. Within an hour, I received a call back from him saying that it should be NO PROBLEM! Right after that, I went and met with one of the clinical coordinators to make sure it was possible for me to use this contact. She told me that she couldn't believe I was able to find a doctor in town willing to take me.....apparently, they have gone around town trying to get spots for students......and this was an office they couldn't get!


1. I will be in a hospital where I would like to practice in the future
2. Within 6 months, I could be delivering a baby!!!