Wednesday, June 11, 2008


At 7:00pm tonight, a tornado struck a boy scout camp in western Little Sioux, Iowa. According to our local news station, around 100 kids were there camping. At this point there are reports that 40 some people are injured and at least 4 have been killed.

I just watched a news reel on KCCI that made me sick to my stomach. The police and paramedics seem to be doing a great job of delegating and organizing - but it is just so sad to see the parents and community wondering what is happening there but not having any news. No one knows who is injured, no one knows who might have been killed.

The other thing that ticked me off was the news reporter butting into the conversations. When there is a concerned troop leader who has just showed up to help, but gets turned away by the police to go to the area where everyone is meeting - obviously looking sad and concerned - please don't stop him for 5 minutes to interview. What an inappropriate time!

My heartfelt prayers go out to this community and I am praying for the safety and recovery of these kids and troop leaders. I just want to cry!

Rotation Update

So, I think I've got all my family practice rotations figured it! It took long enough...and I had to make a few phone calls to my big wig friends...but I got it done! My school didn't help me out at all....but, whatever. I ended up getting a rotation quite close to home and another rotation in Tennessee where I can stay with my fiance's family. It has all worked out really well!

Now to my new complaint regarding rotations... I can't get any Emergency Medicine rotations worked out yet! It does me no good (other than for the educational benefit) to rotate through the ER here in Des Moines because there are no residency options for me. My best choice is to rotate within hospitals that have ER residency programs....because when I apply and interview, they will already know me!

I'm looking at a few programs in Ohio and will, hopefully, find myself a few ER rotations.