Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Why Did I Start A Blog?

After about a year of "blog chats" with my friend Mike, I have finally decided to get with the program and start my own!

From here on out, the Medical School Updates that I send my family will be posted here, along with a few other thoughts. My hope is that having this new blog won't keep me from procrastinating on my schoolwork!!!

Speaking of procrastinating, I just had a good reminder today of why NOT to do it. This morning, I had an exam in my Respiratory class...23 lectures and about 2500 powerpoint slides.

All the way through, I had done a great job of keeping up with everything. I had gone through all the mp3's (they record all our lectures) and had gone through all the slides. But last night, I realized that even though I hadn't procrastinated in that regard, I probably hadn't spent ENOUGH time with the material.

But then again, who has ENOUGH time in medical school? There is never enough time to learn the amount of information we are given. But, isn't that the point of medical school? Our REAL learning is going to occur out in the field....when we are in the hospitals and clinics....when we are facing REAL patients. The point of medical school is to expose us to anything and everything we might face in the matter how rare or unlikely it may be. And honestly, that is probably the reason I really LOVE medical school.....for the chance to learn something that may save someone's life!


Kasey Marie said...

Perhaps you could take the time you spent creating this blog and focus it on your studies! For that matter, take all of the time you spend on MySpace and focus THAT on your studies!

My guess is the following: this new blog is yet another effort to postpone the inevitable...studying to become a wonderful doctor.

...arguments aside, I think creating a blog is an excellent idea and I commend your efforts! Now you may begin creating your community of med students and other nerds around the world! :)

BJ said...

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JR said...

You know what I like to do with the BP cuff?(BP= blood pressure) Put it around my neck pump it up really tight then do jumping jacks until I faint. Try it someday.

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Kendra said...

Blog, blog, blog. Trust me, it will provide the needed relief (and procrastination?) necessary to survive in med school! :)