Thursday, December 07, 2006

Brooke: Autopsy Technician

I decided to take a little break from studying surgery this evening and started playing around with this whole "blog" thing. I hadn't really searched around too much and hadn't realized how MANY blogs there really are!!!

I typed "Medical School" into the search and was blown away by the number of students and doctors sharing their experiences on here!!! I would click on one site and it would lead me to MORE medical blogs........


Check out: Ah Yes, Medical School.....HILARIOUS blog!!! He talked all about patients entering the ER and how he thought some people stopping showering for 4 months prior to coming in......

It reminded me of my job. For those of you who don't know, I have been an autopsy technician for the past 2 1/2 years. I think my log sheet is at 227 autopsies now. And I have seen some CRAZY things.....not just gunshots, hangings, stabbings, accidents, etc......but CRAZY things. One guy I worked on had taken coat hanger wire, wrapped it around his neck, rigged the two ends into a drill, and spun the drill until it strangled him. CRAZY. Another guy hung himself out in the woods at the end of hunting season, knowing full well that he wouldn't be found until the NEXT hunting season. CRAZY. (AND SICK!!!)

Since we have to remove the clothes for the case, we often joke that people should make sure to be naked when they die. They should also go to the bathroom (number 2) and clip their toenails. It would also be nice for them to cut their hair really short. And they shouldn't really eat too much beforehand either. Is that too much to ask??

It is always amazing to me what some people are hiding beneath their clothes...... A high school teacher with a GIANT piercing at the end of his penis and nipple rings.....and a perforated nasal septum (COCAINE anyone?). Or how about "Miss Sally Homemaker" with the giant tattoo covering her back? CRAZY.

Anyways, I'm anxious to start looking around more.....but it will have to wait until this weekend. Or maybe Christmas Break when I get a mental rest from school........


Herman said...

Hi Brooke! I stumbled upon your blog from a Google search....

I just recently have been accepted to DMU...and will probably end up going there next august! I'll never be happier in my life to make a $1000 payment as I will for this deposit.

Got a question, would you happen to have a list of rotation sites for 3rd year? I'd be most interested in going to Michigan (Detroit) for my 3rd year and I just want to see what's available in that area.


Anonymous said...

So disturbing, yet can't. Stop. Reading.

Seriously? Drill? You'd think there's gotta be a better way. Of course, that is pretty crafty.


Cameron Schenk said...


Midwest Autopsy & Medical Services, LLC
9616 Jarboe
Kansas City, Missouri 64114
Phone: 816-941-3200


February 19, 2007

Dear Associate,

Hello, foremost we would like to apologize for this informal email but the reason for this message is because we are really excited to announce that we are now in business and we believe we will be able to provide you with one our services. Our web site is: WWW.MIDWESTAUTOPSY.COM .

From past experiences, we know how hard it is to find a person on a short notice to fill these positions. Our goal is to provide accurate, quality services and knowledgeable technicians to fit your needs. These services are aimed at the general public, hospitals, institutions, government agencies and funeral homes.

Our services are:

1. Forensic Technicians and hospital diener support. Our technicians are able to come your establishment, no matter where you are located and provide autopsy assistance, being one body or one month duration. Our technicians have there own equipment if necessary.

2. Private/medical autopsies at our state of the art facility. Our pathologists are board certified.

3. Neurological procurement and delivery. This service is for brain banks that have donors that are deceased or donors who wish to have their brains donated to science and research. We will also work with brain banks to get the donor registered.

4. Grossing Technicians. Just like our autopsy technicians, this is for temporary hire. They are able to gross is specimens small as GI's or large as placentas.

5. Post-traumatic clean up service. Cleans and removes bio-hazard tissue associated with a crime scene (i.e.) blood, human tissue, fecal material and stained carpet.

We are also providing grief counseling services. Dealing with a death of a loved one or deciding to ask for an autopsy can be a traumatic or a very difficult decision to make. A licensed specialist in clinical social work (LSCSW) is available on our staff to assist survivors in resolving issues related to a loss. Individualized counseling as well as therapeutic group opportunities are facilitated for all age-groups. This is a fee based service offered as an adjunct to our autopsy services.

Feel free to email us with any questions or to arrange a time to use one of our services. You can also reach us at 816-941-3200.

If you are not in any need of our services but you do know somebody that is, feel free to forward this information along.


Cameron Schenk
Operations Manager

Alejandro said...

Hi, i just read your blog. My name is Donna. I was looking into becoming a autopsy tech. I was wanting to know what kind of school do you need? I was a EMT for 6 years. Thank You for you help with this.



sara g said...

HEY!!! I am in Michigan, and am so interested in becoming a MOrgue Tech. Currently at Wayne State University. What schools offer this program? It is very hard to Google and get any useful info. I am a Junior, ( a little older than most students, lol) and working on the MOrtuary Science Program, but I really just want to assist in autopsies. Where can I get info on what schools????? And is it rewarding or do you wish you went on and became a Pathology Assistant? ( I am aiming for that, but don't want to have $100, 000 in student loans, and would be fine with MOrgue Tech until I can go on further?. Thank you for reading and your response!!
Sara George

john godfrey said...

nicely put humor in good taste have you more storys in side mortuary ? jon

john godfrey said...

nicely put humor in good taste , have you more storys from the mortuary , jon