Saturday, February 03, 2007

I've Got Hook-Ups!

Official update on the rotation for August:

I thought of the GREATEST idea! I know an OB doc in town....who has told me in the past that he usually doesn't have students come through because they are so busy.....but he would make the exception for me!!!

And if you recall from a past blog, OB was one of the options we had....but one that all the clinical coordinators didn't think we could get. HAHAHA! They were WRONG!

I called his office on Thursday and left a message with the front desk for him. Within an hour, I received a call back from him saying that it should be NO PROBLEM! Right after that, I went and met with one of the clinical coordinators to make sure it was possible for me to use this contact. She told me that she couldn't believe I was able to find a doctor in town willing to take me.....apparently, they have gone around town trying to get spots for students......and this was an office they couldn't get!


1. I will be in a hospital where I would like to practice in the future
2. Within 6 months, I could be delivering a baby!!!


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Anonymous said...

Just wondering what doc it is? I just had a baby up at Methodist and was very happy with it! DeJong was my doc until delivery then I had Brink. Plus saw a few others while in hospital. Was high risk. Ohhhh fun stuff.

Good Luck in your studies. Methodist is THE BEST HOSPITAL!:)