Monday, October 29, 2007

Well, Now I Want to be a Pediatrician!

Great. Just great! What am I going to do when the time comes for me to choose an area of medicine to practice? I'm not like some other students....who go into med school knowing EXACTLY what they want to become (know-it-alls!!!). I'm one of those students who likes EVERYTHING they try. In fact, ask either of my parents and they will tell you that once I start something I like, my undiagnosed OCD kicks in and I will keep doing it until the next activity comes along.

Case in point: Pediatrics. I LOVED IT! Despite the fact that I battled a bout of bronchitis, a raging sore throat, and croup for 3 out of the 4 weeks I was in peds, I STILL loved it. Working with kids was awesome! And cute. Even while they coughed in my face with runny green snot coming out their nose, they were cute.

So here is the battle playing out in my head...

I have loved both OB/Gyn AND Pediatrics. I thought I would love Psych.....but I psyched myself out of that one with my stint in Corpus Christi. Even though I'm not in this whole thing for the money, it DOES sort of play a role in the decision making process....just being honest. If you take two things you love, why not choose the one that sets you up better in the future? But then think of lifestyle.....and this is where the battle comes for me......because I think more about the LIFESTYLE than I have ever thought about the money I could make. Do you choose the mega salary that takes you away from your family? Or do you sacrifice a big chunk of that salary to have a family life too? It seems like an easy answer to me. I would choose my family every single time. (Hi Mom!!!!) But then why does everyone always say, "Don't do pediatrics!" I don't get it. The doctors I worked with only worked 4 out of 5 days....and they only had call time (from home) maybe 3 days a month. Sounds like a pretty good lifestyle to me.

Can anyone shed some light on this? Honest, I think I could make a pretty good pediatrician....

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