Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Another New Career Path!

That's right ladies and heard it here first. I'm 2 days into Anesthesia....and now....that's what I want to do!

Forget Pediatrics - school physicals get old...and I don't think my immmune system can take it.

Forget Psychiatry - I've psyched myself out of that. Alzheimer's is sad - I don't like that.

Forget Plastic Surgery - Too many demanding patients with body dysmorphic disorder.

Forget OB/Gyn - Okay, just joking!!! This is still WAY up there on my list. But man, oh man, they work HARD!!!

I'm drawn to anesthesia (which I didn't think I would be) because 1) they DO actually perform procedures 2) they seem to work WAY BETTER hours than OB 3) they get to experience all sorts of medicine but don't have to deal with crappy patients - they just put them to sleep.

Who knows. I'm so lost in this process. Everyone says that in less than a year from now I need to know what to do. When I mention OB, everyone says, "Don't do that!!!" I haven't mentioned Anesthesia to any of the doctors yet...maybe that will be my experiment tomorrow! It is just so hard! Maybe now I am feeling what all my friends felt after college - What do I do with my life? All my friends - or most of them - have steady jobs at big companies - and are already making good money. Then here comes me....still in school....not sure what to do....not making ANY money....and extremely in debt. Quite overwhelming.

I'm going to try to update my blog more frequently. I'm sure I have many avid readers....and I remember how it felt waiting for the final Harry Potter to be written. I don't want my readers to feel that way.... =)

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Turtle and Froggie's Mom said...

Anethesia is good too! And you get to INTUBATE!!! and you get REALLY good at it!! and for the most part you have decent hours!! It will all come together, or else flip a coin!! (just kidding)