Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Proposed Plan

We had a patient come in today for a check up. She was a nice lady, but a smoker with a lot of health problems. She needed all her medications filled - and, oh by the way - "I don't have insurance. I can't pay for my visit today. Do you have samples of these medications? I can't pay for them."

The doctor was very nice with the patient and gave her a big sack full of medicines to take home. Other than the fact that she was a smoker, I felt bad for the patient that she couldn't afford the medicines she needed.

The patient left and the doctor pulled me into her office.

"A few weeks ago, my friend and I went to the casino. Guess who was there? HER! She was at the slot machines playing....smoking her life away."


It made me really mad that this patient had portrayed herself as being someone who couldn't afford these meds she needed....but had enough disposable money to be playing the slot machines. And cigarettes are $4-5 a pack!

My proposed plan (although it would never fly with the casinos): In order to get into a casino, one must show I.D. which is hooked to a computer system. If that person "can't afford" insurance or a $15 copay, or is living on government assistance like welfare, they can't get in to the casino. Is that harsh? Yes, probably. But good grief...

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Medical Mastery said...

When I read your article, I was touch by the first paragraph but as it come to end I was mad of the girl trying to be poor but can afford to gamble. In your point it was great to help a person but you choose a wrong person.