Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Delivering Bad News

I had a tough night last night.

I had to tell a mother that her baby had cancer.

Certain things can mean a worse prognosis according to the attending I was working with. These include:
1) Male
2) Less than 2 yrs old
3) White blood cell count greater than 100,000

And there I was - telling the mother of a 16 month old baby boy with a white count of 144,000 that the reason he had bruises all over his legs was because he had leukemia.

I will remember that patient for as long as I live.

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Dale, Tayarra, Wyatt and Waylon said...

Hey Brooke, It's T. I came across your blog awhile ago and added it to mine to follow your dr journey! I'm very proud of you by the way! Congrats! I'm commenting because this breaks my heart as a mother of 2 boys, really as a mother, period. I'm glad that you are choosing to tuck this one away in your memory bank. I'm glad to see another side of a doctor...the real side, where things do affect them and their emotions do get touched. It sounds like you are a great doctor.