Thursday, July 29, 2010


I am officially a PGY2 (post-graduate 2nd year resident)!!! I am so excited that I'm going to start rocking the above scrubs to work! The scrubs are called "Scrubs 2DYE4" and I made them this past week for my mother in law - who graciously modeled them for my camera - but I've got my own pair too. I don't care if doctors don't typically wear these kind of scrubs....I work in the ER where "everything goes!"

Last week I finished up my pediatric ER rotation. We rotate through this ER for one month each of my 4 years of residency. Since I was officially a PGY2, I got to carry the trauma pager which meant responding to all the high acuity patients. I found myself begging to get up to the helipad any time we knew the helicopter was coming...they were usually more than willing to let me escort patients down to the trauma bay. (I guess they aren't used to people as eager as me!!! Little did they know it just meant 15 min of a break for me while waiting for the copter! SUCKERS!!!)

Actually, I quite enjoyed having the trauma pager and getting to see the helicopters landing with my patients. I just really enjoy the ER and being an ER doctor....with all the copters, lights, and sirens that come with it!

I did have a few sad cases this past month, including 2 child abuse cases that will stay with me for a long time to well as an 11 month old who came in after a car accident (he was NOT in a car seat OR a seat belt). But I also had some really sweet parents with super nice, well-behaved children.

The month was fun, but it was nice to score the whole last week off without any shifts.....basically a free week of vacation! We're down visiting Brandon's family now and having a wonderful time. Heading back to work will sure be tough though!!!

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