Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Blogroll Added

Check out the column on the right side of the page where I have a list of "Favorite Medical Blogs". During my limited years of medicine, I have collected some references that have come in handy for me. In particular, check out EMCrit and EMRAP. HIGHLY VALUABLE RESOURCES!!!


Naomi said...

Hey Brooke,

I love your blog, how can I subscribe? I like EMCrit a lot too.

Have a good weekend..


PS: my blog: Get into Medical School

Mike said...

Hi Brooke,

This seems like a very useful site!

I've been working on a site that I think would be useful to your readers as well. I think it's great that you have the list of links you've added.

Mine is I'm a 4th year student at UCLA. The blog is about getting into medical school, geared towards premed students.

If you think this would be useful to your readers, I would really appreciate you adding my site to your list of resources.

Thank you!

Mike Frazier