Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It's Been a While!

Just a quick post to let my loyal followers know that I haven't forgotten this blog!!!

I have just been enjoying my break from school WAY TOO MUCH!!! Unfortunately, I get back to the books tomorrow morning. I just found out that I am 26 tests away from starting rotations.....ACTUALLY, 27 if you include the Board exam in May. Man oh man....LOTS of studying is about to begin!

In other news: My boyfriend, Brandon, was in town this past week from Tennessee and we had a GREAT time! Most of the time was spent either at Panera, watching football, or becoming addicted to the show "24". It was nice to be around him again.....and I am anxious to see him again when he comes up for the Rally Against Cancer on January 27.

I will update you all more once I get back into the swing of things!!!

1 comment:

Doug said...

if u want to really get into 24, get the CTU ring tone for your phone :) Oh yeah, I'm that bad.

Two links to it are in my blog under web/tech. Email me if you can't find it.