Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Look what I found!!!! TIME!

Well, well, well...look who's BAAAACCCKKK!!

Some might think that I would start out the semester fresh and ready to go!! After 1 1/2 weeks break, I should be ready to get back to the books.

I'm NOT.

My intent this morning was to wake up and start going through the lectures that I chose not to attend. Instead, I slept in until 8:45....took an extra long shower.....went to Panera at 10:00 where I found my mom with a couple of her friends.....hung out with them until they left......checked emails for quite a while.......came back and ate lunch......then FINALLY went to class at 1:00. Basically, I didn't do ANYTHING that I planned on. Great way to start the semester, Brooke!

My day got a little better as it progressed though.......I managed to make a grocery list during the 1:00 lecture. I also made up a big "To Do TODAY" list. I finished everything on the list except for 1 thing!!! Back on track!!!! I was able to go to the grocery store, put my bills and Thank You cards in the mail, make dinner for my family, check my email again, wash the dishes, and fold laundry. The only thing I didn't accomplish on THAT list was going through my lectures that I missed today. Folding clothes was much more important at the time. So was watching Dr. 90210 on BRAVO. I thought it would be a good educational experience...I have thought of becoming a plastic surgeon.

All in all, I DID manage to get through 1 of the 4 lectures I missed. It was BORING though! I thought I would write a blog instead of the other 3. I can do those tomorrow.

By the way....the picture in this blog is supposed to represent the new class we started today....INFECTIOUS DISEASE. I'm not sure about it yet (I didn't do those lectures) but it sure didn't look like fun when I skimmed through the handouts. Who wants to memorize a whole bunch of pathogens again??? Not me. But apparently I need to know them.......

We also started our ENDOCRINE course today. Not really my cup of tea. Oh well....I'll give it a couple more lectures before I judge. Nevermind. I don't like this class either. But I guess to be a good doctor, I've got to understand it all!!!

Have a wonderful night. I'm about to accomplish the last item of my TO DO list............ watch another episode of 24!

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