Sunday, January 21, 2007


I sat back quietly when people starting posting blogs about Panera. I let people have their opinion....threw in my own opinion when I felt it necessary....

But it has gotten to the point where I feel like I have to go into "Protection Mode" for the place I love and call "my library."

I love Panera. The employees are great, the food is great, the atmosphere is great. Sure, there is the occasional time that the line is out the door and only one register is open....but that doesn't happen too much. More often than not, the employee is waiting with my big glass (for iced tea) before I have gotten up to the counter. They all know my name...all know I am in medical school...and all are VERY nice.

I am willing to sit back while people voice their opinions. I understand that blogs are public emails. But enough is enough.

When I read a blog that calls the employees (who are now people that I consider my friends) WUHOTs, that has taken it too far. WUHOT stands for "Walks Upright, Has Opposable Thumbs". Some of the employees work there to make ends meet. They are high school students working while taking classes. They are moms and dads taking care of their kids.

You can dislike the food, or service, or music...whatever. There are places and restaurants I don't really care for either. But don't bad-mouth the employees....

They are my friends.


Mike Sansone said...

I share your hurt and your sentiments. We should never attack people - or ignore them. Practices maybe, but not the people.

This isn't a good situation at all, and the ones being most affected are in the community and behind the counter. The practices of the corporate/culture is what's missing.

Doug said...

Since my first blog post started this ball rolling, I hope you back and check it out Brooke. It's a cry for help, an invitation to dialogue, and a bloggers way of saying, "please listen, I'm trying to help in the best way I know how". No bad mouthing, no ill will. Sorry if this has gone down a rabbit hole that wasn't intended.

RandomEncounters said...

I love Panera Bread! It's funny that this is being mentioned now, because I just went there on Saturday and for the first time my order got messed up and I didn't catch it until I was home. Oh well though, their food is way good and so a simple mistake can't keep me away!