Sunday, January 21, 2007

Something must be wrong...I'm being PRODUCTIVE!

No serious. I really am being productive.

I managed to get myself out of bed this morning at 9am. That's right....on the WEEKEND! My only opportunity to sleep in!!! (Okay, who am I kidding? I sleep in all the time! I feel like I have the "Med Student Syndrome" where I convince myself I am suffering from all sorts of problems. I always feel weak and fatigued in the can't be that I am lazy. I think I have anemia. Which, I've learned is only a SYMPTOM...NOT a diagnosis. So, really, I probably have Iron Deficiency Anemia. But NOT laziness.)

After showering, I headed to the library. (Not the typical library one might "library" is Panera.) I was so dead-set on getting to my library that I braved the nasty weather hitting Iowa and started my trek there. I swerved out of my condos, slid getting onto the main road, and got myself stuck in the snow for 5 minutes at the entrance of Panera. However, after spinning my tires for a while and speaking some choice words in my head, I remembered the little "gas then brake" trick once learned in Drivers Ed. I wiggled my way out of the snow drift, parked my little blue bug, got my huge glass of iced tea....and have been productive ever since!

I finished all of last week's lectures (there's a first time for everything...) and finished writing some board review questions for my study partners. I got a chance to check all my email accounts and read all the announcements on my school portal.

I decided I had to waste a little time (hence, this blog) but now I've got to get back to work. I have two tests this week......Wednesday is Infectious Disease....Friday is Endocrine. And then??? My boyfriend comes to town!!! That will be a nice reward for a hard week of studying!

You all have a GREAT week!!! Wish me luck on these tests!

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