Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Rally Against Cancer

I decided it was time to write a quick blog about a benefit I have had the privilege of being involved with for the past 6 years.....

I guess I should first give a little history of the event and tell how I became involved with such a great cause. Ten years ago this January, my grandmother died of endometrial cancer. It was a tough time for my family...we had always been very close...but that truly defined and made us the family we are today.

My Aunt Michelle got involved with a cancer benefit down in St. Louis soon afterwards...and I think it did her heart good to know she was helping raise money to combat such a horrible illness. When my mom began looking for a similar cause to become involved with, there was nothing in the Des Moines area to meet her needs. My grandmother had been treated at the John Stoddard Cancer Center at Iowa Methodist Medical Center here in Des Moines...and my mom decided that if she couldn't find a benefit, she would start one.

She contacted the hospital and everyone ran with the idea. This year will now celebrate 6 years!!! The Rally Against Cancer has now become a premiere event for the hospital...helping to raise money for the patients and families of the John Stoddard Cancer Center. Money raised has helped purchase recliners for every room, Internet accessible computers for any patient to use, and fish tanks in the waiting rooms. Money has also been contributed to the center's Stereotactic Radiation equipment and the BRAND NEW PATIENT CARE COORDINATOR position at the hospital!!! To date, the benefit has netted nearly $500,000....with $180,000 being raised just last year!

It has done my heart good being able to work with my parents and the countless others who make this benefit possible. And the good news is that YOU CAN HELP TOO!!! This year's event is on January 27.....check out ticket information at the John Stoddard Website!!!!

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