Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Rotation Update

So here is the deal: I am trying to figure out where I want to go in August.

Back a few months ago, we had class meetings telling us the "plan" for 3rd year. At that time, they told us that the start date was September 3. We were also told that we had the option of starting August 6 if we wanted to get ahead of the game. Some people thought they would do that (like me) and others thought they would just start at the regular start time.

Since then, we learned that 1) if you don't start on the "optional" August 6 time, you will lose 4 weeks of vacation time 2) we can only do a primary care rotation during that time 3) we should not plan on getting a rotation in Des Moines because they will be taken by 4th year students and 4) we shouldn't even think about doing OB because there won't be any spots. Interesting.

So we had a class meeting on Tuesday where this information was explained to us. Basically, if I don't want to lose 4 weeks of vacation time (and be able to use it during my 4th year) I'm going to have to do some junk rotation in some po-dunk place. That is probably such a horrible way to look at it......because there are some really great rotations that are available. However, I got the impression of, "Good luck....they probably won't be available."

I emailed my coordinator today about the possibility of doing a month rotation in St. Louis, which was listed as a potential site. I found out that we won't know if there are spots left there until I submit my request to go there. A few minutes later I received ANOTHER email telling me that, "Nope that is wrong. If you aren't going there for your hospital {which I'm not}, you can't go there for a rotation."


I'll keep you all updated as the drama continues.....
But PLEASE....cross your fingers for a GOOD SPOT!!!


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