Sunday, March 18, 2007

We're Outta Here!!!

It is spring break time again....and that means: no more school, no more books, and no more teacher's dirty looks!

My family and I - along with my boyfriend, Brandon, my sister's boyfriend, Ryan, and my other sister's friend, Emily - are heading to Grand Cayman for a week! We are really excited to be heading back is our favorite island!

Our plans are: Scuba diving, "beaching it", tanning, snorkeling, scuba diving, scuba diving, and scuba diving. That's right - we LOVE diving!

Brandon, Ryan, and Emily have never been to Grand Cayman before, so we are really looking forward to showing them around. We're hoping to take them cliff diving at Pedro's castle, snorkeling at Eden Rock, and all over the island - including Hell!!! Everyone is VERY excited!

I will try to keep this updated while we are gone - but no guarantees!!! Who really wants to be blogging while staying on an island??? Not me!!!!

You all have a GREAT week!!!

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