Thursday, March 22, 2007

Feelin' Hot Hot Hot......

Just a quick blog to say: We are having a GREAT TIME in Grand Cayman!!! We got in on Monday afternoon and have been on-the-go ever since! We have made 3 dives...and have seen 3 spotted drums (our favorite fish), 1 nurse shark, and TONS of other fish. We have not seen any turtles yet....which is surprising....but I am sure we will before the end of the week.
Tomorrow we are planning on going to Stingray City and we are really looking forward to that!!!
Everyone is getting tan...and the weather has been BEAUTIFUL!!! We hope everyone is doing well back in the States! I don't think any of us want to come back yet!

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Mike Sansone said...

Thanks for sharing your contagious smiles! We miss you. Say hey to the spotted drums