Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Betty Ford Center - Day 2

Once again, I have just had an AWESOME day here at the Betty Ford Center.

This morning we got to sit in on a "Treatment Planning Update" (TPU). The purpose of the TPU is for all of the care-givers - including the doctor, nurse, therapist, case manager, counselor, personal trainer, nutritionist and spirituality counselor - to give updates on the management of the patient. For example, the spirituality counselor might get some information from the patient that might be useful for the counselor. It gives them all the chance to find out how the patient is doing in ALL aspects of their life.

This evening we had a lecture on the history of Alcoholics Anonymous and then later got to attend an AA meeting. It was a wonderful experience. It is a chance for alcoholics to see that they aren't alone. Their stories aren't unique. Their stories won't surprise anyone. They have friends in the other members. And, by sharing their stories and trying to help other alcoholics achieve sobriety, they are inevitably helping themselves to maintain sobriety. Again, it was a wonderful experience.

I will keep you all updated again tomorrow!
Have a wonderful day!

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