Friday, June 22, 2007

Betty Ford Center - Day 4

Sorry....I skipped Day 3! Too tired yesterday!!!

Today we had a really good lecture on drugs of abuse from a Physician Assistant here at the Betty Ford Center. We talked about to counteract the effects with other drugs....withdrawal effects.....and overdose consequences. We discussed clues that might alert us to whether or not a patient is seeking drugs....and how to protect ourselves as physicians. The guy lecturing was very charismatic and funny! He quizzed our medical knowledge and it was a very interactive lecture. I learned a ton from him and hope he will be lecturing again tomorrow. Coincidentally, he was a recovering crack cocaine addict who had been sober for 16 years.

We also got to sit in on an AA meeting that was only meant for doctors. We had 5 physicians that had become addicted to either drugs or alcohol....and they shared their stories with us. That really opened my eyes to this horrible disease.

Tomorrow is my last day....and I am going to be sad to leave. I have completely changed my "stereotypical" view of a addict. Now I know there is NO typical view of an addict. Addiction affects all walks of life and knows no boundaries. The disease doesn't look like anything. It looks like everything.

Have a fabulous night!!! Until tomorrow....

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