Monday, August 06, 2007

Day 1: 42 Patients

Today was the first day of my third year. Clinical rotations. 42 patients seen today...31 after 1:00 this afternoon. Talk about a crazy first start to my OB/Gyn clerkship!!!

I was pretty nervous last night getting ready for the big day. Being the huge dork that I am, I laid out my whole outfit. I even stuffed the pockets of my white coat with the necessities (planner, ACLS cards, extra pens, stethoscope, tape measure) and I pre-read about Cesarean Sections (knowing that was what I was doing at 7am this morning). I charged up my handheld computer, played around with it for a little bit to remind myself of how to log patients, then said a prayer hoping that I wouldn't be "PIMPED"....or if I was, at least maybe know the answer.

I slept well last night. Managed to fall asleep by about 10:30...and woke up quite rested this morning at 5:30am. I even made my ritual stop by Panera for some iced tea.

We had a C-section this morning at 7am. So, I was there at 6:45 and ready to go. I scrubbed in with the doctor and tried to show off the skills that I had learned during my Basic Surgery Skills class. He wasn't going to have to teach me anything this morning.....I knew it.

After I backed into the surgical suite and was waiting for the scrub nurse to gown me, I realized the rookie mistake I had just made. (Okay, okay, okay.....I didn't notice it....the nurse noticed it.....but it sounded cooler if I had actually noticed even though it still made me look like an idiot.) I had forgotten to take off my ring.

I had to go back out to the sink, remove the ring........and SCRUB IN ALL OVER AGAIN!!! I even missed the initial incision in the abdomen, darnit. Strike one. At least they didn't give me a bad time!!!

Overall, the rest of the day went without a hitch. We were so busy, but it made the day go really fast. I didn't really do much besides observe today......I did get to measure the abdominal growth of the OB was a ton of fun!!! I even got PIMPED a couple of times....and, can you believe it, I knew the answers!

Tomorrow morning I start out with a hysterectomy. Hopefully I remember the ring this time!!!

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I remember in a previous post you mentioned that you got to do your OB/GYN rotations with a Methodist Dr. Which awesome doc is that? We had a baby up there and we had Dr. Brink deliver by emergency c-section but saw Dr. De Jong mostly. And really enjoyed Dr. Hoyt(sp). Enjoy your OB/GYN rotation! Sounds like fun! Jennifer in Grinnell

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