Friday, August 24, 2007

OB Update

I got pee'd on by a newborn baby boy today. I delivered the little rascal, cute as can be, and when I was clamping the cord for the dad to cut, the little guy sent a stream right at me! It was a "Rite of Passage" so to say...and we sure had a good laugh at it afterwards. (He pee'd on his mom too...right after he had gotten all cleaned up!!! HAHA!)

I also delivered another baby girl today. She was a cutie too. The new, proud parents were so overwhelmed with was just so fun to play an important role in the event!

I have been so pleased with this rotation.....and it definitely puts OB at the top of my "list" at this point. I only have one more week....but am so glad to know that I will be back in November doing another OB rotation.

Next week, I head to Corpus Christi, TX for my psych rotation. I will keep everyone posted!

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