Sunday, September 02, 2007

Can I get an AMEN???

My day thus far:

8:07am - Wake up. Shower in freezing water. Get ready.

9:20am - Leave nasty apartment. Go to Starbucks. Pay too much for iced tea. Attempt to read a psychiatry book.

10:20am - Leave Starbucks. Drive 25 miles to go to church.

10:45am - Arrive at church to find sign on door saying church is being held at location near apartment where you started.

10:46am - Drive to the other church being held at the location near the apartment where you started.

11:05am - Arrive at new church location. Find no cars in the parking lot and a closed sign on the door.

11:06am - Call home. Come up with funny jokes about not being able to attend church this morning. Laugh on the outside. Mutter profanities on the inside.

11:08am - Decide to go to boyfriend's church, located 3 miles from apartment.

11:10am - Show up at new church. Find the congregation leaving. Learn that their service was at 10:00am.

11:12am - Go explore. See huge sign for Old Navy but drive around for 27 minutes before locating it.

12:47pm - Get back to nasty apartment. Mingle with roommates until they leave to study. Don't study. Watch TV instead.

2:27pm - Get bored watching "America's Next Top Model". Write this blog.

2:28pm - Hope that people laugh.

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Mike Sansone said...

Amen and a hug awaitin' til next time