Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Psychiatry Case Study

A 62 year old female is being treated in a psych ward. She has been there for the past 6 months. You get called on a consult to come visit with her.

DOCTOR: Hello, Miss ______. Tell me how you are feeling today.

PATIENT: I am feeling great. Just fine. No problems.

DOCTOR: What is going on in your head today?

PATIENT: Nothing at all. I am feeling great. Just fine. No problems.

DOCTOR: I hear you told the nurse you were going on a trip.

PATIENT: Oh, yes. We are going to Africa. On a safari. We are leaving soon.

DOCTOR: Oh, really?

PATIENT: Yes. To Africa. I have a flight soon.

DOCTOR: I see. I also hear you think you are pregnant.

PATIENT: Yes. (*Patient frowns) I'm afraid so. Dr. ____ told me I was.

DOCTOR: Well, how old are you? Do you think you are pregnant at that age?

PATIENT: I'm 62. My sister had her baby at 67.

DOCTOR: Really? Are you having any symptoms of being pregnant?

PATIENT: Oh yes. (*Sick face) I have been feeling sick in the morning. And I can feel the baby.

DOCTOR: Are you going to follow through with the pregnancy?

PATIENT: Oh yes. I have had 2 miscarriages. That is too sad.

DOCTOR: So let me get this straight. You are 62. You feel you are pregnant. And, you are going on a trip to Africa???


DOCTOR: Okay. So, who is the father of the baby?

PATIENT: (*Starts rambling) I don't know who the father is. I was raped. I was raped by 17 men. They raped me. It was very sad. Very traumatic. But they were all killed. You see, I was in the Marines. And they didn't want those men to do that again. So, they killed them all. Shot every single one of them. It was bad. I am going on a trip to Africa. I leave soon. And I am pregnant.

DOCTOR: You were in the Marines?



PATIENT: 4 months ago.

DOCTOR: I see. Well, lets plan to talk again tomorrow. Okay?

PATIENT: Sure. Bye doc!

What's your diagnosis????????

SCHIZOPHRENIA. This patient was displaying delusional thoughts, disorganized thinking and speech, and had a history of hallucinations. She was matter-of-fact about her answers...saying she had been in the Marines 4 months ago, had been raped by 17 men and was pregnant, and was planning a trip to Africa. It was reality to her. However, she had been in a locked facility the whole time. None of her stories had actually happened.

Interesting, huh???? Want to know a secret?????

This is one of my patients today!!! Yep. Very interesting!!! We'll see what happens tomorrow!


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Zari said...

This is a very interesting case. Thanks