Tuesday, February 26, 2008

ATTN: Panera Peeps

Well, I'm in Chattanooga, Tennessee!!!

It's 8:15, I don't have to be at work yet, and I'll get off by 4:45....this is the life! Radiology is the life!!!

I'm at Panera right now. Not quite the same as my Panera....but that's just because they don't know my name yet! I'm eating a BACON, EGG, AND CHEESE Sandwich here....freshly grilled on Ciabatta bread. It's AWESOME!!!

Since I'm not there to do it, will one of my Panera peeps ask Tana when our Panera will get these? The funny thing is that I first tried those Crispanis here....and now I get to first sample this sandwich here. Panera Iowa must just be a little behind!

Anyways, I'm having fun so far!! I'll keep you all updated!

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