Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dang Rotations!

Well, I have unsuccessfully been trying to submit 4th year rotation sites for the past 2 hours. At my school, because we don't have an affiliate hospital, we are left to find rotations on our own. So even though I don't have any desire to do Family Practice, I still have to schedule 2 months worth during my 4th year.

I understand the importance of Family Practice and I'm not knocking this as a career. It's just not in my cards. I'm planning to do ER - which you could argue functions somewhat as family practice anyway - because it is more exciting to me. I like to "think on my toes" and be a "jack of all trades".

Here is where my problem lies:

The class below mine is now required to stay in-state for 3rd year. While I understand my school's purpose for doing this - keeping students closer and having more control over education - it poses quite the dilemma for my class. In the past, 4th year students had precedence over 3rd year students. That makes sense. Well, now that they have to stay in-state, the 3rd years get precedence over 4th years. Hmmm... That means 4th year students either 1) have to travel out of state for required rotations or 2) get stuck with left-over spots which could be anywhere in the state. This is a bummer - especially when you don't want to do Family Practice.

So, back to my unsuccessful attempts - I've already struck out 3 times for rotations near Des Moines. I've resubmitted a few of them with different dates, but I'm not too hopeful. Thankfully, everything has worked out well for me in the past - and I'm hoping this will be no different. But,'s very frustrating!

On a good note, I did get a Pediatric ICU/Peds ER rotation scheduled. Despite the fact that I will be dealing with really sick kids (which is just plain sad!) I think this will be a good addition to my schedule heading into an ER residency!

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