Thursday, May 15, 2008

Scheduling Rotations BAD: Family Achievements GOOD

I struck out again today - twice - trying to schedule family practice rotations. What the heck!?!?!? I put in another couple of requests, but at this rate, I'll be lucky to stay in the Midwest for these 2 months, let alone in Iowa. Cross your fingers!!!

Despite the bad luck with school rotations, my family has had excellent luck this past week. Well, not so much "luck"....more like bad-a$$ skill! (Sorry Mom! - I'll wash my mouth out with soap right now!) I could preface the following by saying, "I'm not bragging," but, darn it, I'm just so dang proud of everyone right now that I am pleased to be able to brag about my family.
1) My youngest sister was named "Prom Queen" of her high school last weekend. In a class of 700+, it really was an honor just for her to be nominated! (I sound SO CHEESY!!!) I don't think her Senior class could have chosen anyone better!

2.) Okay, so this example did include a little bit of luck - okay, a lot of luck! The same sister AKA "Prom Queen" won a dang bike at After Prom. Anyone need a bike?

3.) Same sister - different example. While playing in the Regional Tennis Finals today at Indianola, "Prom Queen" and her doubles partner WON!!! That's right - District and Regional doubles champions!!! That earned them a bid at the State Tournament in two weeks! They played great today and won 3 straight matches to work their way through the bracket.

4.) My other sister - we'll call her "Hollywood" - is a presenter for the Graceland SIFE team who was competing at Nationals the past couple of days in Chicago. After an impressive opening round, they moved on in the competition - competing again this morning and making the final four. After their afternoon presentation, they were named "2nd Runner Up" in the entire nation! My parents were able to be in Chicago and they said it was another excellent showing by the GU SIFE team. I know the SIFE team is bummed that "Hollywood" - their top presenter - is graduating next week!!!
5.) Finally, I need to brag a little bit about the Graceland Men's Tennis team - and not just because my grandfather is the coach or my cousin is the #2 player on the team. The GU tennis team was also competing in their National tournament this week in Mobile, Alabama. Never before has GU made it through 2 rounds of the tournament - and this year, they did!!! Top 8 in the Nation, baby!!! They knocked out the 6th seed in their 2nd round - becoming instant celebrities among the schools - before being beaten by the 3rd seed yesterday. It was the best finish a Graceland team has ever had...and I'm so proud of my grandfather, cousin, and the rest of the team!

So there you have it. I'm glad you've allowed me to brag a little bit - it's always nice to be so proud of your family!

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Anonymous said...

Hey brooke....I have never met you but really enjoy reading your blog! I just moved from Iowa to Indiana and have 3 small children. We spent alot of time at Blank children's Hospital....well anywho we lived in Grinnell...not sure if you are able to do your rotations there or not but it's only about an hour from Des Moines. Good Luck in finding a residency! Jenny