Saturday, May 23, 2009

Trust Me...Now I'm ACTUALLY A DOCTOR!!!

Well, I've done it! I have just graduated from medical school and am now, officially, a doctor!!! Holy cow! How scary....yet, how sweet!

As you can see, the title of my blog has now changed to "Life in an Emergency Room" as I am no longer a medical student. Don't let this fool's still me and the blog will continue! Maybe not quite as frequently in the future....but I will definitely keep this up! Thank you to all my faithful readers for encouraging me, supporting me, and having confidence in me!

Graduation weekend was SO MUCH FUN! Our school did a great job of welcoming friends and family - and made the weekend one I will NEVER forget! I hope you all like pictures...because you're about to see all the fun events that went on...

Here I am out in front of my school. Each year, they put up a HUGE congratulations sign for the graduates. It never had much meaning to me until now. I felt butterflies in my tummy every time I saw it.... (**Note the awesome placement of my hands which make it look like I'm holding the sign....that took some extreme photography skills by Brandon!)

On Thursday night, we had a "Class of 2009 night at the ballpark" and watched the Iowa Cubs get smoked by the other team. I don't remember watching any of the game, but had a GREAT time catching up with classmates that I hadn't seen for 2 years while out on rotations. Thanks to my sister, Taylor, for enjoying the game with Brandon and I!

This was the idiot mascot pizza thing that decided the best place for him to stand for about 20 minutes of the game was right in front of us. This picture doesn't really do justice to where he was really standing....I swear, I couldn't see anything from the 1st base line to the pitcher for a whole 2 innings! Get out of the way!!!

On Friday at lunchtime, my school hosted a big graduation picnic. It was so good and so much fun! Thanks to Brandon, Sam, and all my family for celebrating with me!!!

When we got home from the picnic, I had a surprise hand-painted sign (from my mom) posted on the garage door! It is still weird to see "Dr." in front of my name....but, DANG, it looks good! =) Notice Brandon....who is showing what my school loans are going to do to our pockets!

On Friday night, Brandon and I attended the Graduation Banquet which was held at the Embassy Suites downtown. It was a very fancy and nice dinner...and since we were so dressed up, we couldn't help but take a "high school prom" picture.

My Grandaddy came to town for the weekend...and he happens to be the minister for our wedding in 2 weeks!!!

Here I am with one of my very best friends, Julie. She and I grew up together and ended up going to the same medical school! She will be starting her residency in Pediatrics while I am going to pursue Emergency Medicine. She's going to make such a great physician and I am so proud of her!

Graduation was this morning at a complex downtown. They did such a nice job decorating...and the arena was HUGE. I couldn't believe that many people would be attending the ceremony...but it was PACKED! This is a great view of the stage courtesy of my photographer and fiance, Brandon!
When my class came walking down the aisle, we were preceded by our college flag. I am SO PROUD to be a member of the Class of 2009 College of Osteopathic Medicine!
And here I am....walking down the aisle to get my diploma!!!

The ceremony was really great. The commencement speaker did an EXCELLENT job. The name thing took quite a while....but when I walked across the stage and got, what a feeling!!!
Here I am, afterwards, with my fiance Brandon. He is SO SUPPORTIVE of me and the career I have chosen to embark upon. I am SO GRATEFUL to have met him and I can't wait for our wedding in 2 weeks! Thanks,'ve been there for me this whole weekend....and I can't thank you enough!

Thank you also to my Grandaddy for being here this weekend. You are the BEST GRANDFATHER a girl could ask for...and so much more!

To my Grandma, THANK YOU for being here today! It really meant a lot to me!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to my Uncle Jon for being here today. Graduations can be a really boring experience...and you drove all the way up to be here for me!!! Thank you SO MUCH!

And finally, to my family.....
You guys are the best. I couldn't ask for any better parents or sisters. You guys have supported me all the way through and encouraged me to be the best doctor I could be. I really appreciate everything you do for me...and I love you guys so much! I will REALLY MISS YOU GUYS when we head off to residency.

Overall, the weekend was SO MUCH FUN.
PS....Don't go to the hospital in July....that's when the interns start! =)


Mike Sansone said...

Congrats! Doctor:-)

Thanks for sharing the experience with us. I know that your smarts and team work will cure many ailments, and your contagious smile will be medicinal as always.

Go be contagious Brookester

Anonymous said...

hi there!

somehow reach to your blog...

Congrats for your upcoming wedding and of course for being a doctor!