Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Congratulations are in order!!!

It's nice to have a blog.....
I'm able to use it as a platform to congratulate people!

Special CONGRATULATIONS to the Graceland University Men's Tennis Team who is competing in the NAIA Team Nationals in Mobile, Alabama this week. They easily won their opening match and will be competing again tomorrow in the 2nd round. I'm very proud of the coach (AKA My Grandaddy) as well as the #2 and #6 players (My Cousins)!!!

Special CONGRATULATIONS to my cousin Brett, the #2 tennis player, who was honored last night with 2 very prestigious awards at the NAIA Nationals - "Regional Senior of the Year" and "Champion of Character". None of us were surprised that he ended with these special awards!!!

Special CONGRATULATIONS to the Graceland University Women's Tennis Team who was honored last night at the NAIA Nationals with the award of "Team National Champions of Character." Their help with the Rally Against Cancer, Race for the Cure, and Bras for the Cause pushed them ahead of the competition to win this special award. My sister happens to play doubles for the team...=) Way to go!!! What an honor!!!

Special CONGRATULATIONS to the Graceland University SIFE Team for their showing at the National competition in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. GU easily won their first round, but ended up in a tough 2nd round bracket. While they didn't make it out of this bracket, they have still done a wonderful job this year. They are definitely "Changing the World." My sister also happens to be a member of this team...=)

I am very proud of all of you!!!

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