Tuesday, July 07, 2009

First HO Shift

I had my first job as a HO today. Never thought of myself as a HO.

Actually, HO stands for House Officer...meaning I was in charge of everything going on in the hospital from 7am until 7pm today. Not everything I guess...but I was in charge of admitting all patients, giving verbal orders to the nurses (and remembering to go to the floor to sign those orders), changing bad orders, writing prescriptions for the doctors who had forgotten, etc. Basically if the nurse needed something done, I was the go-to person.

My day started off with a patient who needed "pre-medication" orders before getting an MRI. I asked the nurse politely, "Well, what do they normally write in this instance?". To which she responded, "Normally we'd just give a little Valium....but this patient has a heroin problem and we probably need to give them more. Plus they have chronic pain and are requesting morphine."

Great. Real great. Just what I needed for my first call.

I did exactly what the nurse told me to do. Then I ran down to the ER (my favorite spot) and was able to run my order by the doctor there. He laughed that I was having to deal with this....but said it would probably turn out okay and I probably wouldn't over-sedate the patient to the point that someone would be calling a Code Blue. I felt a little better after that.

Actually, it was kinda fun being large and in-charge. I got to write my DEA number 3 times today! Yippee!

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