Friday, April 06, 2007

Good News!

I just got some good news that I wanted to share with my loyal fans...
At the beginning of March, I decided to apply for a Summer Institute for Medical Students at the Betty Ford Rehabilitation Center out in Palm Springs, California. It is a week long program that immerses medical students in the care and management of patients who have substance abuse problems.
We get to spend time with the patients, share in small group discussions with them, and learn how to deal with addiction. I have been really anxious waiting to hear back!
This morning, I received a call from California telling me I had been accepted into the program during the week of June 18!!!!! I am SO EXCITED about this opportunity!!! Not only do I get to spend time at the Betty Ford Center in Palm Springs, but they pay for my flight, hotel, and food! Plus, one of my good friends at school, Abby, was accepted for the same week!!!
Maybe I'll get to see Keith Urban! (I'm pretty sure he spent time there!)

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

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mike said...

It is an AWESOME time!!! It was nice to get away and not worry about school. I think having a weekend to look forward to actually helped motivate me for school....I did really well on my test.

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