Saturday, March 29, 2008

ER Patient of the Day - Part 2

ME: What brings you in here today, sir?

IDIOT PATIENT: I have weakness all over.

ME: When did this start?

IDIOT PATIENT: Oh, I've had this about 2 years.

ME: Did something happen? Why did you choose today to come in for this problem?

IDIOT PATIENT: No reason. Just thought it was time to get it checked out.

Give me a break Mr. Idiot Patient....what the heck are we going to do in the ER for you to treat this generalized weakness that has been present for 2 years? You dummy!

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Will said...

Hi. I want to tell you that I'm impressed by your eloquent responses to the anonymous msgs. I'm not an MD or a DO, just a lowly pre-med applying next year.

Best of luck in your rotations! Are you planning to do an MD residency or DO one?