Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's Up To ME

It's time for me to spread my wings.

Tomorrow is July 1. The day all the interns (first year residents) begin working in the hospital. And....I'm scared out of my mind!

From now on, I can't use the "I'm a medical student" excuse.

In the middle of the night, when I'm the house officer (in charge of everything in the hospital while the other residents and doctors are sleeping) and someone pages overhead saying there is a Code Blue (no breathing, no pulse), it is ME who has to respond. It is ME in charge of reviving the patient. It is ME prescribing the life-saving drugs. It is ME who decides if the patient needs intubation. It is ME who has to read the EKG and decide if we have to shock. It's up to ME!

I begin on an Orthopedic rotation in the morning. I've heard the schedule is do-able (at least as an emergency medicine resident...not so sure for the orthopedic residents!) but it is still a scary thought that I am now, finally, allowed to write prescriptions. I've also heard that as an EM resident, I probably won't see the bright lights of the OR (operating room) - but it means that I am in-charge of the patients in rooms while the surgeons are surgicizing.

"Doctor? This patient is spiking a fever. Can I give them some Tylenol?"

"Uhhhhhh..........I'm just a medical student.........I mean........I'm just an INTERN!"

Wish me luck! And DON'T GET SICK!!!

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